Lago Como George Clooney?(Respuesta perfecta)

Following a stay in Lake Como, George Clooney was fascinated by the area and bought a house in Laglio, a villa of the eighteenth century called Villa Oleandra. He later became an honorary citizen of the small lakeside town and sits on the committee for the defense of the integrity of the banks of the lake.

What town does George Clooney live in on Lake Como?

Have a look inside George Clooney’s Mansion at Lake Como. George Clooney first purchased this Italian villa which was constructed in the 18th Century. It’s located in Laglio, Italy, on Lake Como, in 2002.

Does George Clooney own a house in Lake Como?

George and Amal’s villa runs along Lake Como and is surrounded by tons of stunning buildings in the picturesque town of Laglio. The 25-room home boasts three stories and gives an incredible view of the lake.

Where does George Clooney stay in Como?

George Clooney regularly spends the summer months on Lake Como in his 25-room Villa Oleandra in Laglio, only about 15 minutes from Como. The village of Laglio is a sleepy nest at noon. The Villa Oleandra, the holiday residence of the Hollywood film star, also presents itself from its backward side.

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Who lives in Lake Como Italy?

5 Famed Celebrity Homes in Lake Como, Italy

  • Villa Oleandra. Owner – George Clooney. Location – Laglio, Lake Como, Italy.
  • Il Palagio. Owner – Sting. Location – Tuscany, Lake Como.
  • Villa La Cassinella. Owner – Sir Richard Branson. Location – Tremezzo.
  • Villa Le Fontanelle. Owner – Arkady Novikov.
  • Studio Bellini.

Can you swim in Lake Como?

Lake Como is not polluted, but it’s a lake, so it’s not ideal for swimming because of the moss on the shores, the dark water (it’s extremely deep, after a few metres from the shore it’s often more than 10mt deep) and the chilly temperature.

Is George Clooney married?

Unlike most celebrity yachts, Alani is tiny by comparison, but considering Clooney is traveling with his wife and two young children, it’s the perfect – and most elegant – solution. Alani was built in 2003 and has been offered for charter for years.

How did George Clooney Meet Amal?

Amal first met George along with his parents, Nick Clooney and Nina Bruce Warren, while dropping by his Lake Como home with a mutual friend on the way to Cannes. George popped the question just six months into their relationship.

Which celebrities have a house in Lake Como?

A place of glorious sunshine and gentle pleasures, Lake Como, Lago di Como in Italian, has been a popular retreat for wealthy people since Roman times, and many celebrities and A-listers own or have owned villas on its shores, such as George Clooney, Madonna, Richard Branson, Sylvester Stallone, Gianni Versace, Matt

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Who owns a house on Lake Como?

George Clooney Handsome George is probably the most famous resident of Lake Como, one of the most exclusive Italian areas, where he notably owns a 22-room villa overlooking the beautiful lake that he bought for 10 million dollars.

Which celebrities own homes in Lake Como?

George Clooney, Madonna, Donatella Versace and Sir Richard Branson all own or have owned villas on northern Italy’s idyllic Lake Como.

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